John McCorkle

John McCorkle was born on December 12, 1838, 2 miles east of Savannah, Missouri. He joined Quantrill on August 11, 1862 at the battle of Independence.

Because he was one of the few men who had a rifle, he was made scout and sniper. Most often, he rode with the George Todd's group.

McCorkle was at the battles of Baxter Springs, Centralia, and Fayette among others. Also at the pay bak at Lawrence, Kansas on August 21, 1863.

Later went to Kentucky with Quantrill and was at the home of Mr. Thurman when Quantrill was ambushed and murdered. Surrendered with George Wigginton and another at Newcastle, Kentucky.

After the war, he returned to his home in Andrew County and worked on the farm of one of his relatives relative.

His historic adventures and actions in the war were put to paper in the book "Three Years With Quantrill". The book was dictated to a writer, O.S. Barton, who took the information as it was given.

McCorkle died on January 14 1918, age the age of 79. He was buried on a bluff over looking the Missouri River at Lisbon, Missouri.


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