John T. House

Courtesy of James Loeffler

John T. House first served in the Missouri State Guard under Col. Raines, then after some of Jennisons men killed his father, Eli House, he joined with Quantrill.

During Order Number 11 the House homestead was again attacked, the house was burnt down and the livestock run off. John's mother and his 6 brother and sisters lived in a cave in the woods down behind the farm until it was safe to return to the farm, John would tell of visiting a neutral family down the road that would supply them with food.

They came back and rebuilt the house and John built a small rock walled family cemetery to bury his father. His family still lives on the same House farm today and are working on fixing up the old family cemetery.

After Todd was killed John joined up with Shelby under Col. Shanks, 12 Cav. Co. K. He surrendered with some of his men in Shreveport. John lived to the age of 86 and attended at least 1 of the Quantrill reunions.


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