1995 Memoriam Ribbon
Jesse James Internment

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Over the years many a long debate has occured over the assassination of Jesse Woodson James. History has been written that Jesse was murdered by Robert Ford in St. Joseph, MO on April 3, 1882.

But, through the years, some had suggested that a man by the name of Charlie Bigelow, who strongly resembled Jesse, had been killed. And that a hoax to throw off the authorites followed to save Jesse from punishment and possible death from Pinkertons and authorities. Even a few of Jesse's modern day relatives thought his death in 1882 was a hoax.

So, after all these years of speculation, in 1993 the families agreed to allow a medical team to finally have his body exhumed. Much DNA and forensic testing were done. The results came back on the skull, bone and tooth fragments that the body in the grave was indeed that of Jesse Woodson James.

These black Memoriam ribbons, given by the Sons Of Confederate Veterans, were worn by those present at the service to re-inter Jesse back to his final resting place in Mount Olivett Cemetery, Kearney, Missouri. He was finally laid to rest for all eternity on October 28, 1995.

Rest in peace, Jesse....

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