William Clarke Quantrill's
Casket Flag From
1992 Reinterment Ceremony

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Captain Quantrill lead one of the bravest and most daring groups of soldiers ever assembled. His feats of attack, overwhelming odds and heroics are legendary.

Yet, as with all that live, Captain Quantrill's time had come. William Clarke Quantrill was shot and later died in 1865.

Captain Quantrill was trapped in barn on the James H. Wakefield farm, about one mile from Smiley, Kentucky by Edward Terrell and his cavalry detachment of hired assassins on May 10, 1865.

While attempting to escape, he was struck by two Spencer balls, one in the hand, the other paralyzing him from the waist down.

Captain Quantrill was then transferred to a Federal military hospital in Louisville, then to a Catholic Hospital in Louisville. After almost a month of fighting for his life, Captain Quantrill died at the Catholic Hospital in Louisville at 4pm, June 6, 1865.

He was buried in the old Portland Catholic Cemetery at Louisville, KY.

In 1887, his mother had his bones brought back to Ohio. The man she paid to remove the body stole some of the skeleton, and years later, parts of it showed up in the hands of a Kansas collector.

Eventually, these stolen parts were moved to the Old Confederate Veteran's home & cemetery at Higginsville, MO.

After laying in state under full honor guard, on October 24, 1992, William C. Quantrill was reinterred in the Old Confederate Veteran's Home Cemetery with full Confederate honors due him by the Missouri Division of the Sons Of Confederate Veteran's.

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The flag shown was layed across the casket of William Clarke Quantrill, and was not removed until his mortal remains were lowered into the ground for eternity.

© Photo Courtesy Of Nathan Whitman Collection

This rare and historic flag is a fine and unique specimen that was deserving of a proud and gallant man such a Captain Quantrill. And proud Missourians and Missouri Partisan Ranger descendants can be proud that Captain Quantrill's remains have been given the dignified burial, back in the state of Missouri, in which he so gallantly fought.

Rest in peace, Captain Quantrill.

Plaque From Framed Reinterment Flag
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