Alexander Franklin James

Frank James (Left To Right)
  1. Frank James. Age 21.
  2. After Gallatin Acquittals.

Famous brother of Jesse Woodson James. Born Alexander Franklin James on January 10, 1843 in Kearney, Missouri to Baptist minister Robert and Zerelda Cole James and the older brother of Jesse James. His father heeding a calling left for California in 1850 with the intent of preaching to gold miners, but contracted cholera and died. Robert James is buried in an unmarked lost grave in Placerville, California.

Frank was self-taught after developing an interest in his late father's sizeable library. Very articulate and learned, Frank had thoughts of pursuing a higher education, but upcoming political events and the war greatly influenced his life.

When the War Between The States broke out, Frank joined the Missouri State Guard on May 4, 1861 at the age of 18, fighting for the South. He participated in the Southern victory at the Battle of Wilson's Creek. After being captured a year later by the Union forces, he received a parole and twice violated.

After his parole as member of Confederate Missouri State Guard unit that fought at Wilson's Creek, Frank joined William Clarke Quantrill's guerillas in midsummer 1862 at age 19. He rode with Quantrill for the remainder of the war and even went to Kentucky with Quantrill in 1865, where Quantrill was finally killed.

After Quantrill's death, Frank surrendered there to to Captain Young, US Army, at Samuel's Depot, Nelson County, Kentucky on July 26, 1865. Frank was paroled along with the quite unusual and remarkable opportunity to be "...allowed to retain his horse, arms and equipment..." by order of Major General J. M. Palmer. Frank then rode back to Missouri with his horse and trusted Remington revolver.

After the war, Frank and his brother Jesse along with the Youngers made many daring raids and robberies against the Federal banks and railroads which had taken severe measures against honest and hard working Missourians during the years of the war.

Frank passed away in Kearney, MO, on February 18, 1915.

Frank James At Age 70 in 1912

Hill Park Cemetery, Independence, Missouri
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