Frank James'
1st Quantrill Reunion

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This ribbon belonged to Frank James and was worn during the first meeting of The Quantrill Guerrillas.

After attending many reunions of the "Ex-Confederate Association Of Missouri", famed Missouri Partisan Ranger and ex-outlaw Alexander Franklin "Frank" James and his beloved wife Anna thought it time to start reuniting the surviving members of the old Missouri Partisan Ranger guerrilla band.

Frank and wife Anna decided to put together a Quantrill (Quantrell's Guerrillas) reunion. Frank and Anna actually hosted this reunion in Blue Springs, Missouri, and became the first of many reunions.

Obviously, this particular ribbon is quite rare. At one time, this exact same 1st Quantrill reunion ribbon of Frank James' hung in the James Family Museum in Kearney, and was viewed by thousands of spectators and tourists. A quite rare and a valuable piece of Missouri Partisan Ranger history.


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