1st Quantrill Reunion - 1898
Commemorative Postcard

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This is a very historic image as it is of the 1898 Quantrill Reunion. Most all other researchers erroneously "date" this postcard as the 1912 Reunion, as the majority of surviving postcards bear 1912 - 1913 postmarks.

To wit, the Williamson Haffner Publishing Company did not start producing these memorial cards until 1912 to bolster the memories of the aging Quantrill Partisan survivors. A truly historic image due it's proper identification and monumental history.

Furthermore, in this image, one can see 48 members of Quantrill's Rangers. Most notably, Frank James is shown kneeling, in brown jacket, the ninth Quantrillian from the left. We have all rosters and dates of Quantrillians attending reunions and this, by far, was the largest!

We know this is the first reunion, as there were never that many Quantrill men present at subsequent reunions after the first reunion. Again, proving it is from the first Quantrill reunion held in 1898.

As well, Alexander Franklin "Frank" James passed away in Kearney, MO, on February 18, 1915 - at the age 73 ... (Frank just turned 73 a month prior.) Photos of Frank in his 70's reveal a frail and sickly gentleman. If this was the 1912 reunion, Frank would have been quite ill and just 2+ years from passing to the other side of the river.

Think of it this way... Study the math...

1) If this Quantrill Reunion was held in 1912 (Frank was born January 10, 1842) - then Frank would have been almost 71 years old.

2) If the Reunion featured was held in 1898, then Frank would have been almost 57 years old.

Ergo, does the man in the photo look 70+ years old or 57? Definitely not a photograph of a 70 year old man at reunion. Frank is seen in this photo as full faced, full black mustache & hair while evident of being perfectly filled with life and vigor of a middle aged man! I think that is quite evident, if anyone has studied many of Franks identified photos.

Furthermore... Take a look at Frank James standing at the James family farm in Kearney, Missouri at the age of 70 in summer of 1912. Click here to see this well documented photograph of Frank in 1912. Notice the complete white beard, body canted to the side, ravaged with arthritis and looking a bit frail.

All in all - This postcard simply is not from the 1912 reunion. Plain and simple as good ol' Southern apple pie...

As a bit of "back story" - Historically, after attending many reunions of the "Ex-Confederate Association Of Missouri" in the 1880's and early 1890's - famed Missouri Partisan Ranger and ex-outlaw Alexander Franklin "Frank" James and his beloved wife Anna thought it time to start reuniting the surviving members of the old Missouri Partisan Ranger guerrilla band of Captain William Clark Quantrill.

Frank and wife Anna decided to put together a Quantrill (Quantrell's Guerrillas) reunion. Frank and Anna hosted the reunion in Blue Springs, Missouri, and became the first of many annual reunions.

So, what we see here is the extraordinarily phenomenal inception of the 1st Quantrill "Quantrell" Reunion held in Blue Springs, Missouri, hosted by Frank & Anna James !

This is an inconceivably historic photo and misconceived by the vast majority of modern researchers.


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