Frank James'
16th Quantrill Reunion

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Both of these ribbons were worn by Alexander Franklin "Frank" James at the 16th annual Quantrill Reunion.

At this meeting Frank was elected Deputy Constable.

At all the Quantrill reunions, these elder Missouri Partisan Ranger men would elect a Deputy Constable who would be charged with keeping order amongst the attendees and spectators.

This pairing of ribbons sports a highly and extremely rare Deputy Constable ribbon!

This set of ribbons were found in one of the personal trunks of Frank James effects. Quite possibly the only Deputy Constable ribbon left in existence.

And defintely the only one from Frank James!!! As well as his commorative 16th annual "Quantrell" ribbon. A highly rare and totally unique set.

Several Kansas City World and Star articles corroborate and verify this story, as well as the origin.


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