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"Why a separate organization for commemoration of the Confederate Officer Corps and the officials of the civilian Confederate Government?"

With few exceptions, the officers of the armed forces of the Confederate States of America are without memorials, biographies, or any other commemorations. The attention given to the memory and history of the Confederate elected and appointed officials is even less. These heroic men suffered unbelievable hardships for their honored cause, without once wavering, without once shying from their terrific responsibilities. The story of the "Immortal Six Hundred" chronicles the conditions in which the Confederate officers were held while prisoners of war. Even after the war had ended, the officers were singled out by their former adversaries for revenge. Through every test, these brave men stood tall.

Though not usually exposed to service in the field, the elected and appointed members of the Confederate Government exhibited the necessary moral courage to lead the heroic Southern people through a vicious four-year struggle for personal freedom. Their homes were singled out for destruction by the invading Yankee armies, many were charged with treason by the U.S. Government, and after the war they faced imprisonment. Despite threats, abuses, and deprivations, these civil leaders held the Confederacy together when lesser men would have capitulated.

The members of the MOS&B bear an extra responsibility to their Confederate heritage. Not only should we take an active part in the affairs of our local camps of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, we should also strive to preserve the special place in our Southern history for the Confederate officers and civil leaders. In doing so, we accomplish the goals of both organizations.

Missouri Society MOS&B Staff

  • Commander - Rick Perry    
  • Lt. Commander -
  • Adjutant - Keith Daleen    Email
  • Treasurer -
  • Financial Officer - Curtis Hopper    Email
  • Genealogist - Larry Yeatman    Email

~ These Offices Are Temporary Until Election - March 2008 ~

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