M1860 Colt Army
44 caliber. Very desirable weapon. Nice representative Colt without all the dealer fornication that is so common with these old guns. All matching serial numbers of 44xxx, except replacement barrel wedge as is common. This places it as being manufactured in early 1862.

3 screw frame, martial Colt with recoil shield being milled away. Has martial marking "H" still visible on the trigger guard. Definitely not a civilian model. Address line is very faint on barrel and only a trace or two of a cylinder scene. Dark, speckled patina on the pistol, but has never been overcleaned as many are.

Original black walnut grips have civil war period repair. Would rate in about C6 - C7 condition. NRA grading of Good condition. But don't let this one fool you. I see a lot of Colts that have been re-stamped and had the cylinders re-rolled to make for a nicer looking Colt. But they are far from honest. This one is original and almost certainly saw a huge amount of combat. A nice honest Colt, without all the modern additions, replacements and fornications.

CONDITION:   C6 - C7 condition. NRA Good condition
PRICE:   $xx.xx    
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