Model 1854 Austrian Lorenz
Carbine Sword Bayonet

* CS Homeguard Sword *

Model 1854 Austrian Lorenz Jager Carbine Sword-Socket Bayonet. Large, blade sword type bayonet. A massive sword bayonet for a "socket" model. This example is a whopping 21.5 inches overall.

The Model 1854 Austrian Lorenz Carbine Sword Bayonets were manufactured from about 1854 to about 1865 and were used on a carbine or short-rifle. Not a full-length musket. These were used during the American Civil War when many European arsenals were emptied of their surplus arms. They employ a leather-covered wood scabbard, sheet-steel mounts. Scabbards are tough to find due to wood body construction.

As often seen with surviving specimens of Austrian style sword bayonets from American Civil War usage, the socket has been shortened. This probably due to conversion into "Home Guard" sword by equipment deprived Confederate troops. I have photographs available of the Model 1854 Austrian sword bayonets that have been converted into these rare "Home Guard" swords by ill-equipped Confederate soldiers.

This example (while missing the wooden handle/grip) still retains the iron pin that held the wooden handle. It is prominently still present in the socket. Non-excavated. Rare item.

CONDITION:   Very Good
PRICE:   $345.00
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