Confederate Snake Buckle

Non Excavated - P53 Enfield

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Snake Buckle With Adjuster

Great specimen of a non excavated variety of Confederate Imported Snake Buckle. Similar to Mullinax # 199 ( 2nd Edition - Expanded ). Authentic and desirable.

This Snake Buckle is a non-excavated relic from a large Confederate relic collection from the Northern Neck of Virginia.

Made of cast brass, this specimen, is whole, complete and un-repaired. Complete with the original belt adjuster. This set has seen a lot of use, as the wear pattern of the high point relief is obvious. Making it an even more desirable plate for the purist.

The Snake buckle has a great, deep mustard color patina to the brass. The condition is quite remarkable and would be quite attractive to a Confederate plate display.

Numerous specimens of this style Snake ran through the yankee blockade to arm the Confederate soldier. In this fashion, these Snake buckles came on P53 Enfield accoutrement belts to accompany the P53 Enfield Rifle-Musket.

This style of Snake Buckle is oft referred to as a "duck head" or "duck bill." Yet, this particular stylized snake is actually designated as the King George style snake. Nevertheless, it is indeed a P53 Enfield snake waist belt buckle.

*Note* The so designated Snake Buckle was amazingly still in use well into the 20th century. Many were used by the British in India well into the 1910's and 1920's. But these post 1870 style "snakes" were wimpy, poorly made and smaller as well as flatter / elliptical in construction. You can see this style here at our 4-F Site for comparison.

We now offer you a chance to own the real McCoy. A blockade Snake Buckle that saw a lot of Confederate service. This would be the exact and appropriate accoutrement plate to accompany your P53 Enfield. And now it can be yours.

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