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We are very proud to offer for your consideration, a genuine and documented Confederate Bullet Struck US Eagle Breast Plate. This has to be one of the most amazing relics that has been offered in years.

O.K. I hear your brain whirring already. Aren't "shot plates" one of the most faked items offered at online auctions? And the answer to that is a resounding yes.

But, you are not dealing with an anonymous dealer from eBay. And this plate is full of documentation having been viewed in awe by many advanced collectors, dealers and even authors. This is truly an amazing relic not to be missed.

This plate is an early war pickup. Non-dug and perfect. It was de-accessed from an early Tennessee museum in the Shiloh area many years ago. I purchased it years ago from a nationally known expert. And have the original documentation from him.

The unique history on this awesome plate is that it was struck by a small caliber round. Most likely a close quarters revolver round. Being a breast plate and worn close to the heart, it most likely took the life of the poor yank wearing the plate during fierce fighting.

The plate has the greatest deep golden nondug patina ever found on the face. A pleasant, even grey patina is to be found on the back. In the bullet trough, you can see the lead oxidation from the passing bullet round. Although struck, the plate retains both of it's iron attachment loops. Truly amazing.

And to top it off, this exact plate was photographed by author Mike O'Donnell at the Richmond, Virginia Civil War show in August, 2001 for possible use in upcoming books.

So, you may be asking why this plate is listed in Confederate Plates? Well, when the Reb fired and struck his target, this then became a Confederate plate. Again, most likely leaving the yank lifeless on the field.

Quite simply stated, this is a very, very rare plate that is worthy and befitting of the most advanced of collections or museums. This plate is screamer ! ! Definitely not to be overlooked or for the faint of heart.

Surpassingly rare Civil War & Confederate items, especially bullet struck plates, just do not come around every day. This is the "Real Deal". Be sure not to miss out on this offering.

PRICE:   $4,450.00
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