CS Tennessee Egg Waist Plate

Oval Frog Leg Style

Additional Views

Reverse Of Plate   |   Body Curve

We present a CS Tennessee Egg Oval. "Frog Leg" style belt plate. This plate is a relic of Stones River near Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Similar to Mullinax # 136 ( 2nd Edition - Expanded ). A great plate for beginner to advanced Confederate plate collectors.

The Tennessee Egg was quite probably the most crude of the oval C.S. buckles. Referred to as the "egg" shape because it is hand cut and not quite oval. These were crudely stamped, some were stamped on thick sheet and usually Western Theater "eggs" were not lead filled.

The lead filled eggs tended to be stamped on a thinner sheet of brass and are typically found in the east. Some believe that they are thought to have originated in Mississippi although that is not proven as they are found mainly in Tennessee.

Thus, these thin sheets of brass led to many lost plates, as they could not stand up to the rigors of war use. They employed what is called a "frog leg" attachment hook system on the reverse. And is said that these were made from telegraph wire. Again, not the best for hardiness and durability.

This CS Tennessee Egg displays well. It is now stable, solid and a great eye catcher, as most have an almost indiscernible CS stamping. This one can be read across the room.

For reasons of exactness, this plate was bent twice, once on each end of the egg, This can be seen in the photos. It has been straightened, and the plate was not broken. As well, the frog legs are professional replacements that have been added for accuracy. Not many survive with the frog legs intact.

As with much of the Civil War antique field, and especially Confederate Plates, there are many fakes on the market. And a buyer has to be on their toes. But, although a bit worn, this plate is real and genuine.

With the repair work done on the plate, we are bringing it to you right down the line and priced right. Here is your chance to own a real Confederate CS marked plate well worth the money. A great place keeper or first Confederate plate. Don't miss out.

CONDITION:   Fair+ - Good
PRICE:   $1,695.00
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