L. Haiman Cavalry Saber

Columbus, Georgia Manufacture

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Hilt Close-up   |   Solder Seam & Mounts

Presented for your consideration is a wonderful and unique example of the unmarked L. Haiman Cavalry Saber. These swords are starting to find their niche in Confederate blade collecting world. They are finding themselves appreciating in value and desirability along with other comparable unmarked, verified Confederate swords such as the Kenansville "Roman Numeral" swords .

Until fairly recently, these swords were just considered an unidentified Dog River sword. But upon research and comparison of known Haiman swords by a few of us, these have been identified with certainty. I had even spoke personally with the editor of a major Civil War price guide and suggested that a listing for the L. Haiman "unmarked" cavalry sword be presented in publication. And in the 2006 guide, it is indeed there!

Louis Haiman and his brother Elijah operated in Columbus, Georgia throughout the entire Civil War. They produced varied items that they supplied to the Confederacy, including buttons, belts, camp equipment, revolvers, and all types of edged weapons. Their expertise in supplying a variety of edged weapons is quite extensive.

Typical of these swords are the distinctive pommel, overly wide lapped solder seams on the scabbard, huge iron rings and brass mounts. And above all, the telltale casting flaw found on the right side of the sword's ricasso.

This L. Haiman saber has an exceptionally nice, clean, unpitted blade with only a few battle nicks. The original oilcloth grip is about 90% complete and the original single strand iron grip wire is 100% complete and solid.

The scabbard is beautifully patinaed and is definitely the correct L. Haiman scabbard. There are no dents, holes or problems with the scabbard. Although it is missing the throat, as was quite common with a heavily used saber. The throat was a very, very thin oval piece of iron, and was probably lost in the field. As well, the throat washer has been replaced and mentioned for reasons of exactness.

Now, for the kicker... Along with the typical Southern wartime production shortcuts (crude cast, wide solder seams, etc.) is the fact that the mounts here are indeed brass. But, for some reason, they were "silvered" (silver washed) to enhance the appearance of the sword. The reason has been debated by many experts, and we can only surmise that an officer or "well to do" cavalryman wanted something distinctive. Traces of the silver wash even remain on the hilt ! Truly remarkable and not an everyday L. Haiman product..

With the advent of the silver wash, this is definitely a one of a kind sword. All other known unmarked L. Haiman cavalry swords do indeed have a 100% brass mounts sans the silver wash. This silvering would be assumed to have been done prior to affixing to the scabbard, as no trace can be found slopped onto the scabbard body. As well, the bit of silver on the hilt would have come before the wrapping of the grip, assembly, etc. Shown in photos.

And be sure to know that this is not silver paint from a GAR post (shudder), as it shines in a few places that have rubbed. A person could shine the silver to a mirror finish, but I refuse to rob this great trophy of it's history! The brass that peaks out of the silvered mounts give this sword a phenomenal appearance and ambiance. Again, this is evident in the photos.

Also, to be found on this saber is the number 141. It appears once on the pommel, and once on the counterguard. The significance of this number is unknown. Has been speculated by many that it is an identification number somehow relating to a special order sword with the silvered hilt and mounts. The number can be seen in the photos.

Again, this sword has been viewed by the many old-time, veteran Confederate sword experts, and all are in agreement to it's rarity. To be quite honest, this sword is amazing due to it's characteristics and rarity of Wartime ornamentation.

Simply stated, this is a very rare sword and is befitting the most advanced collection. Unique & exceptional Confederate swords do not come around every day. Doubtful that you will ever see another L. Haiman with silvered mounts and hilt. Don't miss out on this offering.

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