M1851 Colt Navy. Confederate Usage
Hartford, Ct. Address

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Cylinder Close-up   |   Hartford Address

While this revolver was basically manufactured by a Northern maker, we know that Colt sent many weapons South, as war is indeed money.

I purchased this revolver many years ago, from a nationally known dealer in central Tennessee. I can think of no better way to describe this weapon than quoting his letter of authenticity. It is as follows:

"I, ___ ___ , sold to ___ ___ , one .36 caliber rare "Hartford" address Model 1851 Colt Navy revolver.

This revolver is serial number #98,1xx which is early 1861 production. 1861 production Colt Navys [sic] are associated with Confederate cavalry and guerrillas. This particular Colt Navy was purchased out of a Nashville estate sale around 1950.

It almost certainly has a Southern cavalry heritage. This weapon is 100% guaranteed to be an absolute original."

What more can I say? I can tell you that the revolver has seen a lot of use. It will index with some effort, frame is a bit loose, and the grips have shrank with age. An old battle horse, to be certain.

I have procured the replacement parts (hand, index spring, etc.) to repair this revolver, but have not touched it. I will leave that to the buyer.

This revolver is much better than just described. All mentioned for exactness. It is indeed a historic relic from The Confederacy.

A bit of pitting, traces of cylinder scene, but serial number is still very visible on the cylinder (as seen in the photographs) as well as on the other major parts. Great deep brown patina. All matching serial number, except an old wedge. This weapon saw a lot of action.

Folks, here's your chance to own a Confederate used revolver without spending 25 grand. Good representative piece of secondary Southern weaponry. A specimen that simply resounds of Dixie and would make a wonderful addition to any collection.

A perfect example of the war trade as well as the greed of war manufacturers. A story within a story. Truly fascinating. And to think you can own it today for your collection.

CONDITION:   NRA Grading - Fair
PRICE:   $2,495.00
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