CS Breckenridge Belt Plate

Stamped Brass Style

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Reverse Of Plate   |   Body Curve

Great example of a dug CS Breckenridge oval stamped brass belt plate. Similar to Mullinax # 148 ( 2nd Edition - Expanded ). Rarity of 7 (31 - 75 known examples exist) Totally authentic and rather rare.

This is one of the thicker Breckenridge stamped brass accouterment belt plates. Amazingly, all three of the original attachment hooks fully remain on the back of the plate. The hooks were made from scrap brass from the plate itself when manufactured. About 40% - 50% of the black enamel on the back remains!

The CS lettering is very distinct and attractive. A nice pleasing brown patina with a touch of deep green. Along with some of the original dirt still underneath the hooks.

The plate is accompanied by letters of authenticity from Steve Mullinax and Gary Hendershott. A truly genuine and documented Confederate waist belt plate by two of the best in the league.

Further mentioned for reasons of exactness, the plate is nearly flat. Yet, this does not detract from displayability. This plate saw some heavy duty. Appears to have a slight freeze crack along the "S". And thusly has been priced accordingly with perfect specimens going for 5k and up.

Given the above information, description and history stated, there is no "slamming" of this plate. The plate is still very desirable and very beautiful. It is represented accurately as we want to be treated ourselves. Will definitely stand out proudly in any collection. A great centerpiece and historic example of Southern pride. And, the price is right, so come on down....

PRICE:   $2,995.00
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