C.S. D-Guard Bowie Knife

North Carolina Private Manufacture

Additional Views

Reverse Side   |   Hilt Close-up

Where does one start on this wonderful and rare Confederate D-Guard? There aren't many of this style ever produced, let alone seen "in the wild" to the modern collector.

First, the D-Guard measures a whopping 20 inches overall. The clipped point blade is a whopping 15 inches long and 1.75 inches wide at the hilt.

The blade is very sound and strong. Non pitted or major discoloration. Great patina and color and a few usage nicks are present on this specimen.

To note, this style is known by several advanced collectors as a private North Carolina manufacture, due to the knurled grip, and the use of the silver ferrule which were somewhat "trademark signs" made by a now forgotten N.C. private maker.

As well, the "D" of the guard is flattened and turned slightly to provide maximum protection to the wielder of the bowie. Not often seen on Confederate D-Guards.

The ferrule, knurled grip and safety turned guard is something done by a private hired maker and most likely was made for someone with a bit of money, as this is not the typical, file blade, crude blacksmith style bowie. This one is quite special and very fine. Has been viewed by the many advanced Confederate D-Guard experts, and all are in agreement to it's rarity.

The ferrule has a slight crack in it, and there is no scabbard. Mentioned for exactness. But not detracting in the least for a rare weapon such as this.

All in all, a truly and very, very rare D-Guard absolutely befitting the most discerning collector or museum. Don't miss out on this offering. You will likely never see another like this example for sale.

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