CS Clip Corner Plate

"Spun Hook" Style

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Presented for your consideration is an indescribably wonderful example of a solid cast CS Clip Corner "Spun Hook" waist belt plate. Great for any Confederate plate collection. This plate is similar to Mullinax # 148 ( 2nd Edition - Expanded ). Mullinax Rarity of 6 (76 - 150 known examples exist). Making this a very appealing and desirable plate.

The plate itself is a relic of Corinth, Mississippi and was excavated in the late 1980's. The accouterment plate retains a great body curve. Nice thick cast, and "knee deep" spin markings. I have never encountered spin wells this deep and defined. Phenomenal to say the least.

On the face, we find very prominent and bold CS lettering with a great, even brownish patina that is set off with approximately 90% of the original black enamel remaining on the face. Very striking and pleasing to the collectors eye. You can see the CS a mile away (well, not quite.) Remarkably the plate retains all three of the original belt attachment hooks, which are difficult to find on excavated plates - let alone excavated Confederate plates.

Also worthy of note is the very distinct, small casting flaw / deficit on front of face directly between the C and the S. This is normal for this plate and is found on plates from this particular Confederate Western Theater manufacturer.

Additionally, a noted Confederate accoutrement plate author and collector commented personally when he saw this plate that "This is one of the nicest plates of this pattern I had ever seen." Wow, it doesn't get much better than that.

All in all, this fine Confederate "Spun Hook" is total screamer! Thick, sturdy and built to last for intense war service. Full of Southern Pride and workmanship. It is a common misnomer that all Confederate products were crudely produced and did not survive long in the field. This CS plate speaks volumes to attest that just is not the case with this old belief.

While it is true that some Confederate production lacked soundness and durability due to wartime shortages and pressure to get arms to war, many did stand the test and were a credit to Confederate design and engineering. This plate is one of those very special accouterments that is simply nothing short of spectacular.

The C.S. Spun Hook plate offered here has been fully X-rayed, and is right as rain. Absolutely solid, unrepaired or altered, desirable and very beautiful. Destined to become the centerpiece of an advanced CS plate collection. Plain and simple, one of the best excavated Confederate plates you will ever come across. Especially with dead on, fully hooked, non dug examples currently fetching in the 7+ grand range.

All in all this, this specimen is an absolutely awesome Confederate plate. It will definitely stand out proudly in any collection, as it is so bold and vivid. Quite powerful in it's appearance and overwhelming Confederate lineage.

Investment grade quality with no need to ever have to update on this one, as excavated specimens do not come any nicer. An outstanding, authentic Confederate plate befitting the advanced collection or any truly discerning collector.

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