Confederate Artillery Short Sword

Memphis Novelty Works

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CS Cross Guard   |   Hilt Close-up   |   Reverse Hilt

Presented is a fabulous item seldom seen on the open market. An authentic and incredibly sought after Confederate Artillery Short Sword.

The condition of the sword is fabulous, sporting all the features, casting flaws, etc. of a Confederate manufactured weapon of war. Deep, rich authentic patina on the brass hilt. Upon inspection, a person can see the casting grain where the brass hilt was cast in a sand mold. This particular characteristic is one of the defining details that a person inspects to authenticate original Confederate swords from the plethora of reproductions.

Moreover, the hilt of this sword shows great smoothing wear, telling us that it saw usage, which adds that special flavor to the relic. As well, this Confederate artillery "shorty" is still as strong and sturdy as can be imagined or desired. Absolutely fabulous, to be certain.

The sword is an amazing 24 inches long overall and very hefty. Full, unfullered, elliptical, 19 inch long blade devoid of any major problems as can be seen in photographs. And to top it all off, the coveted letters of C.S. are featured twice - once on each of the opposing sides of the quillions.

Furthermore, we know this particular sword was made by Memphis Novelty Works of Memphis, Tennessee due to the distinctive style of lettering of the C.S. on the cross guard. Very distinct and desirable. This style of C.S. marking can be seen on other Memphis Novelty Works / Leech and Rigdon artifacts such as spurs, accouterment plates, other swords, etc.

Originally founded as Thomas Leech & Company, Memphis Novelty Works began in early 1861. Thomas Leech, a former cotton broker, constituted it's sole proprietor at that time. Thomas Leech & Company established itself as a manufacturer of swords, sabers, knives, and bayonets. In the fall of 1861 or early in 1862, Leech was joined by Charles H. Rigdon, from Missouri. The company is best known for the manufacture of foot officer's and cavalry swords with "CS" in an oval on the counterguard, as well as this artillery sabers design. They also manufactured eating utensils, spurs, and revolvers based on the 1851 Colt Navy. Leach & Rigdon formally dissolved January 1, 1864, although Rigdon joined Jesse Ansley to complete the Leech & Rigdon contract with the Confederate States government.

Back to this particular specimen - this Confederate Short Artillery Sword is virtually identical to sword Figure #31-Z (center) on page 203 featured in William A. Albaugh III's monumental book "A Photographic Supplement Of Confederate Swords - With Addendum".

Here is your chance to own a very special, historic piece of American Confederate history. Real specimens are seldom encountered, and this is undoubtedly genuine. Don't tarry as it won't last long.

CONDITION:   Fine - Excellent
PRICE:   $5,495.00
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