Confederate Cartridge Box

Georgia Arsenal Manufacture

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Offered for your favor and consideration is an amazing Confederate relic which is encountered for sale once in a lifetime. To wit, a Georgia Arsenal manufactured Confederate cartridge box ! This box was literally found in an old barn in Georgia along with a few other wonderful Confederate relics. Quite remarkable and very rare in it's entirety.

The cartridge box is still very pliable, and has not been slathered with "oil" like a hoagie. Products such as petroleum jelly, oils, waxes or even some professional leather care products intended to preserve leather are inclined to have more negative than positive effects.

Very important to note is that the leather is still "live" with no red rot and in remarkably sound condition. Fantastic overall shape for a Confederate box.

Adding to the cartridge box's outstanding testimonial, it sports the original lead finial as well as the Georgia indicative, tarred canvas implement pouch. The closure tab slot on the implement pouch is even present, intact and would accept the tab. The stitching is very tight and sound without any tears or rips.

The cartridge box also retains both roller buckles which are intact and move freely. Both waist belt straps are present on the back and are fully stiched and strong. To have the roller buckles, waist belt straps, etc. is in itself quite astounding. There is no ammunition tin to be found inside. Actually difficult to say if this box was issued with one or if it was lost or discarded.

Moreover, the most sensational attribute and peculiarity to this particular box, is that during the war, the box sported what was undoubtedly a CS oval waist belt plate. As one can plainly see, three waist belt holes are present. And the worn, oval attachment impression is quite visible on the box. As shown in photographs, the box was never cut for a two loop CS boxplate. The box was most assuredly adorned by a proud Confederate soldier. I only wish the box still had this plate for intrinsic & historical importance.

For reasons of exactness, we find in the box under the outer flap, a bit of "barn damage" from a hungry mouse as can be expected from a find such as this. To pests such as mice, leather is a source of dietary protein. Additionally, as is common with some venerable antique leather, a few tiny worm trails can be seen. Please refer to photographs. As rare & extraordinary as this CS box is, this is not seen as a major problem. Ergo, the box has been professionally isolated and the worms and any other organisms are long gone.

Indeed a rare & phenomenal specimen. To many experts knowledge, only three of this exact style Georgia cartridge box are known to exist. One in a high-end private collection on the east coast, the second in the Rosensteel Collection at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in the National Park Service Museum. And then this specimen.

Truly a surpassingly & exceedingly rare Confederate relic befitting the most discerning collector or museum. Don't miss out on this offering. It just might be quite some time before you see another for sale.

CONDITION:   Very Good
PRICE:   $8,995.00
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