Civil War ID Disk
6th Vermont Infantry
Now this is a rare and wonderful piece of history from the War Between The States. A quite hard to find, Civil War soldier's identification disk!!

These identification disks were the predecessors of the modern day "Dog Tag". Due to the poor record keeping of the era, and the fear of going unrecognized in death and the horror of war, these identification disks served a very useful purpose.

This particular disk is known as the "War of 1861" style. Made of brass. 28mm in diameter. It is a non-excavated specimen. Fabulous antique brass with mellow patina. The disk is in wonderful condition as evidenced in the photos. (Please note, this ID Disk is made of brass, which is entirely proper for this style. The photos seem to make it look like silver on some computer monitors).

The ID disk is marked:

G.C. Richardson
Co. H. 6th Reg
Roxbury, VT. Vol.

After researching the soldier, I have found that George C. Richardson, was a Private in the 6th Vermont Infantry. He enlisted August 8, 1861 into Company H. Richardson was discharged December 6, 1862 and then died 3 days later on December 9, 1862. The 6th Vermont had been engaged in battle at Williamsburg, Malvern Hill, Alexandria, and Antietam just prior to Richardson's death. I would assume that Richardson was discharged due to wounds inflicted at one of these battles and then died just 3 short days later. Very poignant and stirring.

This piece has great historic value, and also has great invesment potential. These do not come around very often. Especially with this shape and provenance. This piece should be a very sound investment and should continue to appreciate in value with the current Civil War market.

CONDITION:   Excellent
PRICE:   $855.00    
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