Confederate D-Guard Bowie
Blacksmith Forged
Authentic, non excavated, blacksmith made D-guard Bowie knife. Blacksmith forged from old file blade. Teeth of the file are very prominent. Somewhat crude, but very solid. A large and heavily constructed knife. Definitely not a wimpy example.

Overall length is 17.5 inches. 12 inch blade. Multiple heavy hammer marks over entire blade as seen in photograph. Blade is very dark. The whitish areas in the photograph are glare from the camera. Semi taper clip point blade. Grip looks to be made of pecan or walnut. The "D" itself is a thick, heavy hand hammered forged iron guard. All in all, very typical of many of the D-guards that Confederate troops had made by local blacksmiths before they marched off to war.

There is no doubt about this knife. This specimen is defintely not a Philipino or Mexican import such as are often encountered in the market, as well as being sold as original. Nor is this knife a post war cane or field knife. This is an authentic specimen, and was manufactured to be carried off into the Civil War by Southern soldiers.

Original and authentic D-guards are geting very hard to find. This one is all original and very nice. Befitting the most descerning of collections or museums. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of history.

CONDITION:   Very Good
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