P53 Tower Enfield
Confederate Import
Original, untouched Confederate P53 Tower Enfield. .577 caliber. Markings are very strong with 1862 Tower lockplate and "crown" nice and strong. The absolute best part are the truly correct and important Confederate markings.

The first markings are behind rear trigger guard tang. Although worn, the J and S of the "JS anchor" are still present, yet a bit difficult to photograph. The "JS Anchor" marking was an arms inspector mark. A few people surmise that the JS is for John Sinclair, of the Sinclair, Hamilton and Company.

Also, the markings of "SWINBURN" as they were stockmakers from the Birmingham Small Arms Trade. On the lock nail side is the marking of "S&S 44". Some venture this is for Scott & Son, purchasers for Confederate agents. Others speculate it is for Swinburn & Sons.

Barrel has a nice even brown patina with correct, strongly stamped British proof markings of "crown" 25 * 25 * (.577 caliber). Wood is in great service used shape with no major problems, cracks or other detriments.

For reasons of accuracy and completeness, the nipple and the wood around the nipple have been noticeably burned from untold numbers of powder flashes from repeated firing of percussion caps. But this just shows that it was heavily used and saw plenty of action. Great dark patina on lockplate and remainder of hardware.

A TRUE Confederate used rifle musket imported through the blockade into the heart of Dixie!!! This weapon holds terrific investment potential!!!! Firearm would rate in about C7 - C8 condition. NRA grading of Good - Very Good. There are not many of these out there on the open market. This specimen is befitting the most advanced collection or museum display.

CONDITION:   NRA Good - Very Good
PRICE:   $8,895.00
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