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AAR1114 Emmit Kelley Autographed Photo. Nice photograph of the beloved clown. Complete with his autograph. A great collectible.
AAR1149 Farrah Fawcett Poster. We all remember these. Especially the guys out there!! Great collectible with the new movie coming out. A nice display pice. 2' x 3' poster. Good condition.
AAR1150 Archie Bunker Poster. Totally un - PC!! 2' x 3' poster of Archie saying "There's a little of me in all of youse". A fantastic nice display pice. Good condition.
AAR1151 Evel Knievel Poster. Original, official poster from an Evel stunt event right after the Snake River fiasco. Would have hated to pay all of his hospital bills. Good condition. 2' x 3' poster. Great graphics.


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