Civilian To Military "VooDoo"
I have been seeing a rash of "period" (1860's) tintypes, etc that are being "doctored". And an abundnace of them are even later than the 1860 period, dating all the way through the "Brown Period" of the 1870's!!

People will obtain civilian tintypes of "mean looking" men and then take them, and with a gold paint pen readily available at Westlakes, True Value or any Craft shop, colorize the buttons, make shoulder boards and epaulettes as well as to try to make a military looking buckle (usually a typical oval or recatangular officer style).

The easist way to spot these is to familiarize yourself with what actual 1860's army uniforms look like. There are many good books on the subject of uniforms on the market.

And once you have handled enough REAL images, these will start sticking out like a sore thumb!!

It will be easy to spot a 2 dollar flea market tintype of "Mean 'Ol Joe Civilian" and has been "doctored" with a .99 cent gold craft pen. And then sold as some type of Federal or Confederate soldier for some (excuse the pun) major cabbage!!

BEWARE the curse of the Voodoo image doctors!!!!

* * BEWARE * *

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