Artillery Tube & Provenance
This is an excavated 6 pound artillery tube relic. First off, the item itself is not a fake or reproduction. It is definitely an authentic 6 pound smoothbore artillery tube relic.

But, the item is being sold with spurious provenance & paperwork and purporting to be excavated from a major Civil War battlefield. Thusly, sky rocketing the price from a plain, unidentified relic tube to an identified relic tube with lots of battlefield history!!!

I was approached by the seller to broker the item in 1997. Upon seeing the artillery tube and examining the paperwork accompanying it, the paperwork provenance was determined to be unquestionably bogus. Needless to say, the seller ran like a rabbit!!

This artillery tube relic is quite identifiable. I have provided photography and dimensions and construction information to make it easy to spot!! If you see this tube with any type of paperwork or provenance, the paper IS BOGUS!!!

***IMPORTANT*** I have recently heard that this tube is back out on the open market, and might possibly be heading to the Civil War show circuit. If encountered, please contact me so I can report to the proper authorities.

* * BEWARE * *

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