CS Saddle Shields
Reproduction Confederate Saddle Shield. These were initially made several years ago (and are still being made readily today) by a gentleman Jeff Posey at Historical Reproductions.

We do not believe for one solitary moment that he or his company ever intended for them to be sold as original as all of his reproductions are stamped HR (for Historical Reproductions) on the backs. You can see this example as well as the HR marking at the website under Confederate Cavalry McClellan Saddle Shield.

But as is the case with many items for sale at online auctions, etc. this marking is removed, buffed out, etc. to erase the marking.

They were initially to be used only on authentic reenactors saddles as have seen many of them for the past several years. These fairly correct saddle shields originate from original specimens, of which molds are then made. But, oft times these shields can exhibit tell tale signs of fornication.

BUT, as with a few good intentioned items, these fell into the wrong hands, and are being sold as ORIGINAL. Most are being falsely patinaed by a chemical process, and being sold as excavated, battlefield examples.

* * BEWARE * *

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