Identification Disks
All seem to be made from 1860-1865 US Seated Liberty half dollar molds, although other variants are encountered.

Not only are these NOT a Civil War tag, BUT they are not even a real United States coin!! They are counterfeit!! They are made from a mold, and not even stamped or minted as an actual coin would be.

The people selling these are in actuality (whether knowingly or unknowingly) selling and handling what amounts to counterfeit currency. The FBI has been alerted to this, as counterfeiting is a Federal Offense.

These originated in flea markets and antiques shops in Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, and Mississippi. BUT, now they are EVERYWHERE!! Selling anywhere from $50.00 to over $1,000.00. They are now VERY prolific at the online auctions, antique malls and shows, etc. Be VERY Careful!!!

There are many other soldier names on these tags. Those include: Dorsey Pender, James B. Washington, Nathan Boone, William Forrest, Joseph Mayo, Jr., Robert F. Bunting and A.L.P. Vairin.

Also, each of the aforemtioned disks are appearing in multiple occurences. At any given time, there are several Pender's, Boone's, Washington's, etc on the market. That should be the first clue something is wrong. These tags (if genuine) would be very rare to see ONE specimen. As it is, there are several at any given time!! Caveat Emptor!!!!

* * BEWARE * *

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