Ku Klux Klan ID Tag

Courtesy of Mr. Peter Bertram
These tags are a cousin to the Confederate Pender disk ID Tags. Construction is identical. Only the date and "inscription" are changed.

This particular specimen is of "John B. Lester" and several of this specimen have been reported. They are now VERY prolific at the online auctions, antique malls and shows, etc. Be VERY Careful!!!

Not only are these NOT an antique Klan tag, BUT they are not even a real United States coin!! They are counterfeit!! They are made from a mold, and not even stamped or minted as an actual coin would be.

The people selling these are in actuality (whether knowingly or unknowingly) selling and handling what amounts to counterfeit currency. The FBI has been alerted to this, as counterfeiting is a Federal Offense.

The following information on these disks has been generously supplied by Mr. Peter Bertram of the Confederate MBR Newsletter. It should help in clarifying some of the construction issues:

This piece is approximately 29.8mm horizontal axis by 30.5mm vertical axis and weighs about 6.68 grams. This compares to uniform 30.6mm diameter and 12.44 grams on a "for real" 1866 Half Dollar.

It is also doubtfult that a secret society from the 1800's such as the KKK would have ID tags!! Not very logical, is it??

* * BEWARE * *

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